Mission Statement:

The mission of the Academics for Student Athletes (ASA) office is to provide academic and personal support to all student athletes at Oregon State University. Our intent is to provide our students with the opportunity to achieve their potential for intellectual, social and personal development. We strive to create a collaborative environment with campus departments to help student athletes integrate into the OSU community.

Services for Student Athletes:

  • Sport-specific academic counselors provide one-on-one support for student athletes including organizing structured study, arranging tutors, proctoring exams, traveling with teams and providing information and support to individual athletes.
  • OSU offers priority class registration for student athletes, with guidance and advising from major department advisors as well as ASA Academic Counselors.
  • Academic counselors monitor academic performance and act as a liaison with campus resources such as the Academic Success Center.
  • A computer lab, several open study areas, and many study rooms are available for use in our facility, the Beth Ray Center for Academic Support.
  • Laptop computers are available for use within the Beth Ray Center for Academic Support.
  • The BEST Bridge Summer Program helps student athletes transition to the academics at OSU through learning skills development, academic course credit and University orientation programs.