Holistic Student-Athlete Support

Our team of Academic Counselors and Learning Specialists work together to guide student-athletes through the academic process. From finding the right major, to selecting courses, and navigating their weekly course load, Academics for Student Athletes (ASA) is here to support!

Our Mission 

ASA is committed to providing holistic and inclusive academic support for student-athletes. ASA aims to empower, teach, and champion student-athletes through graduation and beyond.

Our Core Values

As an Academics for Student Athletes staff we are committed to the following core values:

  • Community
  • Service
  • Well-Being
  • Learning

Academic Counseling

ASA academic counselors coordinate academic support for student-athletes by providing direction and resources in a supportive, structured environment. Academic counselors work proactively with student-athletes focusing on academics, organization, time management, and connecting them to the services they need within ASA, Student-Athlete Development, Athletics and across campus. The staff assist student-athletes in selecting areas of study, determining class schedules, and tracking and monitoring NCAA continuing eligibility.

Learning Specialist Support

ASA learning specialists support the academic needs of selected student-athletes and implement individual success plans for students who may benefit from a higher level of academic support. Meetings with learning specialists are highly engaging and focus on helping student-athletes develop and refine their time management strategies, general study skills, reading comprehension, writing development, and understanding of course-specific content.

  • Peer Mentoring Program

Peer mentors are a team of experienced undergraduate and graduate students that provide academic and personal support to student-athletes through consistent engagement and navigation of their academic responsibilities. They assist students in becoming independent learners and empower them to meet future educational goals and challenges.

Academic Support Programs

Academic support program provides comprehensive academic support for student-athletes, including tutoring and structured study teams designed to meet the unique needs of student-athletes. Our support programs use a holistic approach to develop our student-athletes into successful independent learners who can excel through graduation and beyond.

  • Connected Learning Teams (CLT) 

Connected learning teams are intended to provide student-athletes with a high level of structured support and engagement through a 3:1 student to CLT leader ratio. CLT leaders provide support based on academic need and are paired with students based on major and course content. CLT leaders stay consistent throughout the term to build rapport between leader and student.

  • Independent Learning Time (ILT)

Independent learning times offer student-athletes a structured environment where they can work independently while receiving support from their assigned ILT leaders as needed.

  • Open Study

Open study offers student-athletes a space to complete coursework in a setting that is less structured than CLT and ILT sessions. When requested, open study leaders provide assistant to students during this time.

  • Tutoring

Tutoring consists of 1 on 1 content specific sessions spanning across a variety of subjects. Sessions are led by trained OSU undergraduate and graduate students at the request of student-athletes and ASA staff.

STUDENT HOLDS: As a student-athlete, registration changes may impact your athletic eligibility. At this time, you are unable to make changes to your registration. Please contact your Academics for Student Athletes (ASA) Academic Counselor to discuss your desired schedule changes. Once your ASA Academic Counselor approves the changes, the registration hold will be lifted, allowing you to proceed with completing all necessary registration steps via Beaver Hub.