Mission Statement

Academics for Student Athletes (ASA) is committed to providing holistic and inclusive academic support for student athletes. ASA aims to empower, teach, and champion student athletes through graduation and beyond.

Academic Counseling

ASA academic counselors coordinate academic support for assigned sports, providing direction and resources in a supportive, structured environment. Counselors work with student athletes on academic focus, time management, and problem resolution in a proactive manner. The staff also provides registration assistance, eligibility information, and arranges for academic support through the ASA Learning Services Programs.

Learning Services for Student Athletes

ASA provides appropriate learning assistance for all student athletes. Our learning services (Learning Specialists, Mentoring, Facilitated Study, and Tutoring) accommodate the varying schedules and needs of student athletes. Our goal is to help all student athletes develop strong academic skills and become independent learners. We offer a variety of assistance programs tailored to the individual needs of student athletes:                                                                                                                    

Learning Specialists

The Learning Specialists work with colleagues in ASA and across campus to meet the academic support needs of selected student athletes and to implement Learning Assistance Programs for select at-risk student athletes and student athletes with education-impacting disabilities. Most commonly, this involves providing assistance with time management strategies, general study skills, tutoring assistance, and active utilization of cognitive strengths to improve academic performance.


The Mentoring Program assists first-year and selected student athletes to develop the skills necessary to be successful both on and off the field. Goals include, but are not limited to, enhancing time management and organizational skills, developing effective study practices, and providing strategies for learning based on individual academic needs. Meetings take place 1-3 times per week and allow for our staff to monitor progress and assist each student athlete more efficiently.

Evening Study Hall

Study Hall is offered Monday through Thursday nights, 6:30-8pm, on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Beth Ray Center. Students are placed in small groups led by Study Facilitators, who assist students with both study skills and some course content. Study Facilitators serve as a single point of academic assistance for students, allowing for a streamlined delivery of holistic academic assistance and for the tutorial program to remain focused on unmet course content needs. A select number of tutors are also present to assist during Study Hall.


Individual and group tutoring sessions help students understand specific course content.