BEST Summer Bridge Program

The BEST* Summer Bridge Program for Incoming OSU First-Year Student Athletes

The BEST Summer Bridge Program is an immersion program designed to help new student athletes adapt to the college environment by learning to balance academics and sports. It as an effective jump-start for collegiate careers. The program includes daytime, evening and weekend activities. Full participation in all aspects of the program is required. Some of the significant components of the program are:

Six Credits Toward Graduation: Student athletes take two courses. 1) a Baccalaureate Core Course that fulfills the social science requirement for graduation and strengthens critical thinking, expression, and communication skills. 2) an ALS seminar that targets academic success strategies, socio/cultural awareness, and successful transition. In both courses, student athletes have support from professors, learning assistants, tutors, and residence hall assistants.

Residential Experience: As part of the enriched learning experience, all BEST students live in one wing of the beautiful International Living-Learning Center (ILLC) which is conveniently located near the BEST classrooms, athletic facilities, and dining halls.

Group Activities: Because the BEST program focuses on holistic development, we offer unique Saturday and Sunday learning experiences such as whitewater rafting, Corvallis Knights’ baseball games, OSU football games, and community engagement opportunities with the Corvallis-Benton County Library at the Farmers’ Market. Participation in these weekend activities is required of all BEST students.

University Orientation: The BEST experience includes OSU’s first-year student orientation, advising, and fall class registration program known as START. START registration is included as part of enrollment in BEST.

Athletic Orientation, Workouts, and Performance Table: Following clearance from the Sports Medical staff, BEST students are issued OSU workout gear, given a thorough orientation to the Sports Performance Center, and begin workouts with teammates. Also, all BEST students eat at the Athletic Department “Performance Table” with other student athletes where they begin to learn about the nutritional requirements of college athletes from the Athletic Department nutritionist.

Assessments: BEST offers a variety of assessments in order to design a program of support appropriate for each student. Assessments include academic evaluations of math, writing, and reading as well as an inventory of learning styles. The Sports Medical staff conducts all NCAA required exams and procedures.

Cost to Attend BEST: Students on athletic scholarships of 25% or more have the cost of the BEST Program covered by the OSU Athletic Department. For student athletes not on an athletic scholarship, the estimated cost of the 2018 BEST is $4,000. This estimate does not include travel costs or accommodations for family members.

Enrolling in BEST:  Head coaches are responsible for providing the names of the incoming students to the BEST staff. Only student athletes recommended by coaches may attend BEST.

*Bridge Encouraging Successful Transition


2020 BEST Summer Bridge Program Dates:

         To be announced


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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the logistics of the program, parent lodging, and needed items, can be found here


Current Students Interested in Working the BEST Summer Bridge Program

Student Worker Information

If you are a current student at Oregon State University and wish to be a student worker for the BEST summer bridge program, click the link above to go to our student worker information page. This page provides information about the program from a staff perspective, links to all of the jobs/job descriptions that we provide here during the BEST program, and finally, a link to the application itself.