The 2022 BEST Summer Bridge Program for Incoming OSU First-Year Student Athletes

The BEST Summer Bridge Program is an immersion program designed to help new student athletes adapt to the college environment by learning to balance academics and sports. It is an effective jump-start for collegiate careers. ​Full participation in all aspects of the program is required. ​Some of the significant components of the program are:

Three Credits Toward Graduation: ​Student athletes take one online course: ALS 190. The ALS seminar targets academic success strategies, socio/cultural awareness, and successful transition. In ALS 190 student athletes have support from professors, learning assistants, and tutors. This is a lecture based synchronous class. Students will watch an instructor live via zoom from 10AM-11:50AM (PST) M-F. BEST students are expected to attend all classes live. This allows the BEST cohort to interact with each other and build friendships during the program, while also allowing for lessons on classroom etiquette. Topics covered include, but not limited to: note taking, test preparation, online study habits, NCAA guidelines, academic misconduct, student athlete time management, mental health, and a number of other topics that will help a new student athlete thrive at Oregon State University.

Campus Familiarity: ​BEST students will become familiar with OSU’s campus even while learning remotely by participating in online campus and OSU library tours. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of OSU online systems such as, but not limited to, Canvas, MyDegrees, Grades First, Google Drive, BOX, 1Search, etc. BEST students will be comfortable online and on campus during fall 2022.

Study Hall:​ Two times a week BEST students will meet from 1:00 PM-2:30 PM in small study groups. These groups will be facilitated by a high-performing OSU junior or senior, and will focus on study skills, time management, navigating OSU resources, and assignment completion. Study hall attendance is mandatory.

University Orientation: ​The BEST experience includes OSU’s first-year student orientation, advising, and fall class registration program known as START (​​). ​START registration is included as part of enrollment in BEST.

Assessments: ​BEST offers a variety of assessments in order to design a program of support appropriate for each student. Assessments include academic evaluations of math, writing, and reading as well as an inventory of learning styles. The Sports Medical staff conducts all NCAA-required exams and procedures.

Cost to Attend BEST: ​Students on athletic scholarships of 25% or more have the cost of the BEST Program covered by the OSU Athletic Department. For student athletes not on athletic scholarships, the estimated cost of the 2022 BEST program is $1,100. The cost of the program includes OSU tuition and Summer OSU fees. This estimate does not include technology needs such as an available computer or WiFi that are essential to participating in the online elements of BEST.

Once finalized, the BEST weekly schedule will be sent to all BEST participants one month before the start of the program.

Enrolling in BEST: Head coaches are responsible for providing the names of the incoming students to the BEST staff. Only student athletes recommended by coaches may attend BEST.

2022 BEST Summer Bridge Program Dates:

                                 Session 1: June 19 - July 15
                                 Session 2: August 7 - September 2

For more information, please email:   [email protected]